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Trudy Davidson (Coach)

Trudy Davidson

Sport background

I started as a gymnast when I was 8, and competed at a state level until I was 14 and then continued to compete at a lower level (when my love for athletics began) until I was 17. My athletics ‘career’ started in high school, but didn’t really take off until I moved to London, and trained with a coach over there and found 400m Hurdles….. (why! 400 and hurdles!? I ask myself this all the time). When I returned from the UK (21yo) I have been competing in the 400m/400mH at a national level right up until this year, I actually made my first Australian team earlier this year and competed in Fiji in June 2017 at the Oceania Area Athletics Championships (weird situation because I haven’t ran my best for a few years).

A big part of my journey was finding CrossFit when I was injured preventing me from sprint training for a while in 2013. I loved CrossFit because it incorporated weights/plyos and gymnastics!

When I moved to the Sunshine Coast (from Gold Coast) I started training with Matt and the team at Fusion, and was getting individual programming to suit my athletics training/competition. I stopped for a while due to moving, but am stoked to be back and now a coach as well!

I love doing all sports and trying everything. Other sports I now do regularly include; boxing, yoga and sprinting.

Work experience

I’m a qualified fitness professional, having completed my Diploma of Fitness at the Sunshine Coast TAFE Australia. After I completed this, I worked as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor in various gyms and school gyms on the Sunshine Coast before moving overseas.

In London, I worked at ‘The Little Gym’ which is a motor skill development program for children using gymnastics. I was an instructor for children aged 1½ to 12. When coming back to Australia my fitness career took a backseat, as I focused on my athletics career, and completed a degree in Environmental Science – another subject I’m passionate about. I continued to personal train clients casually on the side of my athletics.

After university, I began working full time in environmental policy in local governments (the last 3-4 years). I am passionate about the environment, but now I know that working in an office is not for me, I need to be moving my body and helping people on a daily basis. I love motivating and assisting people to live their BEST life,I am really interested in mindset and how getting back to having fun, can really impact all areas of life. I like motivating people (I’m sometimes that annoyingly enthusiastic person – sorry in advance #sorrynotsorry) and helping people achieve their goals.

Looking forward to working with everyone!

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