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Matt Noonan (Owner/Head Coach)

As a coach, mentor and athlete Matt is extensively experienced with many years experience across the fitness, health and sports arena. With qualifications as a Australian Weightlifting Level 2, Cert III and IV and ongoing study in Sport and Exercise science combined with his six years as head coach of the Sunshine Coast Gridiron Team – The Spartans, Matt has the ability to guide you to creating healthier outcomes in your life through safe, fun and integrated activities.

In 2011 Matt decided it was time to follow his heart as a Coach and gym owner because he wanted to dedicate his time so that every person with a desire to live better had someone to support and guide them. As an athlete Matt has competed in many sports ranging from Martial Arts to Rugby League and AFL, he has represented his state and country in Gridiron (American Football). As a coach Matt has mentored athletes from all walks of life and back ground to help them realise their goals. He has won state and National Championships as a coach and was recently able to coach on the international stage.

Matt is a caring and qualified coach that focus on success and change through consistent improvement daily. He puts safety first whilst continuing to challenge his clients to reach deep and do it for themselves.

Matt NoonanMatt Noonan (Owner/Head Coach)